MedDMO Media Plurality Report 2022

The MedDMO Media Plurality Report is an annual publication that aims to present and assess the plurality and diversity of the news media ecosystem in the three countries comprising the Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory Hub: Cyprus, Greece and Malta. The report, created under Work Package 5, is the outcome of a comprehensive review, data collection, and analysis of resources focused on the plurality and diversity of the three different news media ecosystems. It is based on the annual Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM), International Press Institute, European Centre for Press, Media and Freedom and national/local reports, incorporating advice and suggestions from community members as well as data from various valuable sources and scientific publications.

The report examines the media landscapes in these countries, delving into three key dimensions for each country: a) media market characteristics and general information, b) the level of fundamental protection and market plurality within their media environments, and, c) the extent of political independence and social inclusiveness observed in their media systems. By analyzing these aspects, the report aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the media dynamics in these countries. The conclusions drawn from the analysis shed light on the current state of media in Cyprus, Greece and Malta, highlighting both similarities and differences across the three countries.

You can download and read the full report for the year 2022 here.