Magnetic African dust is not proof of chemtrails

April 17, 2023 Contrary to unfounded claims circulating on social media, the magnetic qualities of African dust are not proof of the existence of chemtrails. Dust from the Sahara desert, which is often detected in Greece and elsewhere in southern European, naturally contains minerals with magnetic qualities. But these magnetic properties are not proof that …

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This artefact does not come from Sparta and the technology behind it has been explained

False claims that a Roman chalice actually hails from ancient Greece and boasts mysterious colour-changing properties returned to social media in January 2023, following the latest talks over the British Museum’s possible return of the Parthenon sculptures to Athens. In reality, the ancient cup has been dated back to Roman times in the 4th century AD, is known as the “Lycurgus Cup” and has been proven by scientists to change colour in different lighting thanks to traces of silver-gold alloy in its glass front.