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The Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory (MedDMO) brings together digital investigation journalists, media literacy experts and academic researchers from Cyprus, Greece and Malta working to counter the disinformation crisis facing democracies across the globe. The project is part of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), a network of hubs across Europe tackling disinformation narratives that have polarized the EU.

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News & Events

News & Events

MedDMO – funded project presented at AAAI Conference in the US

June 20, 2024 Dr. Nikos Salamanos from the Cyprus University of ...
News & Events

May 2024: Disinformation about the EU increased a month before the European elections

Malicious disinformation about the EU has reached its highest levels since May 2023. It represents a percentage corresponding to 15% of the total disinformation issues ...

Latest Research

Research & Studies

1st Report of platform practices and national authorities support 2023 (for Cyprus, Greece & Malta)

This is the MedDMO annual report detailing the results of monitoring the online platform practices towards supporting the national authorities of Cyprus,
Research & Studies

HyperGraphDis: Leveraging Hypergraphs for Contextual and Social-Based Disinformation Detection

In the paper “HyperGraphDis: Leveraging Hypergraphs for Contextual and Social-Based Disinformation Detection,” we improved disinformation detection accuracy and computational efficiency on social media by introducing ...

Media Literacy


Check out our quizzes!

Try our online educational quizzes to test your verification and fact-checking skills. These quizzes can also be used by trainers in relevant media literacy activities ...

Tips for users to detect AI-generated content

What to do when you encounter online content (image, audio, video or text) that you suspect could be AI-generated to convey disinformation? These tips come ...


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