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News & Events

News & EventsUncategorized

Malicious post-election disinformation pushes claims about ‘fixed election’

In June, the disinformation targeting the elections held continued, with narratives that revolved around them being allegedly rigged.
News & Events

University of Cyprus: Educational seminar for students on disinformation and content verification practices

July 10, 2024 An educational seminar on the topic of “Disinformation ...

Latest Research

Research & Studies

Malta: Disinformation narrative report on hospitals deal

This report highlights a series of disinformation narratives surrounding a controversial deal to hand over three of Malta's public hospitals to a private consortium. A ...
Research & Studies

Disinformation narrative report around the wildfire in Northern Greece by Ellinika Hoaxes

This report is part of a series of reports highlighting disinformation

Media Literacy

Media Literacy - Tools

Check out our quizzes!

Try our online educational quizzes to test your verification and fact-checking skills. These quizzes can also be used by trainers in relevant media literacy activities ...
Media Literacy - Tools

Tips for users to detect AI-generated content

What to do when you encounter online content (image, audio, video or text) that you suspect could be AI-generated to convey disinformation? These tips come ...


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