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The Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory (MedDMO) brings together digital investigation journalists, media literacy experts and academic researchers from Cyprus, Greece and Malta working to counter the disinformation crisis facing democracies across the globe. The project is part of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), a network of hubs across Europe tackling disinformation narratives that have polarized the EU.

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News & Events

News & Events

Media and misinformation workshops for students in Malta

May 23, 2024 Over 150 students in Malta got to participate ...
News & Events

Presentation of MedDMO’s activities by AUTH at journalism conference in Rhodes

May 22, 2024 The role of the MedDMO in the European ...
EU Elections

Be election smart campaign

EDMO and the EDMO Hubs launch an online campaign titled “Be Election Smart” on Monday April 29. This campaign will run for six weeks, aiming ...
EU ElectionsNews & Events

Misinformation and the EU elections: what to look out for

Article by Megan Mallia, Researcher at the University of Malta, a partner of the MedDMO project If there is one word we have been hearing ...

Media Literacy

Media Literacy - Tools

Deepfake detection

The deepfake detection module is a tool that helps the user detect facial manipulations in images and videos. The tool can detect manipulations that are ...
Media Literacy - Tools

Location Estimation

As there have been many cases where photographs have been presented out of context in order to mislead public opinion, it is


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