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The Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory (MedDMO) brings together digital investigation journalists, media literacy experts and academic researchers from Cyprus, Greece and Malta working to counter the disinformation crisis facing democracies across the globe. The project is part of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), a network of hubs across Europe tackling disinformation narratives that have polarized the EU.

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News & Events

News & Events

The Anti-Disinformation Centre ‘Fact Check Cyprus’ was created at the Social Computing Research Centre of CUT

November 20, 2023 The Social Computing Research Centre of CUT (Home) ...
News & Events

Israel-Hamas conflict: At the top of disinformation in Europe during October

November 17, 2023 The highest relative percentage of fake news recorded ...

Media Literacy


About deepfakes

What are deepfakes? Deepfakes are manipulated media, including videos, images, or audio, that have been created or altered using artificial intelligence
Media Literacy - Tools

Verification Plugin

The Fake News Debunker toolkit (or verification plug-in) has been developed in previous EU-funded projects, namely InVID (2016-2018) and WeVerify (2018-2021). It


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