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HyperGraphDis: Leveraging Hypergraphs for Contextual and Social-Based Disinformation Detection

May 17, 2024 Nikos Salamanos, Pantelitsa Leonidou, Nikolaos Laoutaris, Michael ...
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MedDMO Media Plurality Report 2022

December 8, 2023 The MedDMO Media Plurality Report is an ...
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Identifying Misinformation on YouTube through Transcript Contextual Analysis with Transformer Models

YouTube, as a dominant platform for video content, has become an essential source of information for many. However, its user-generated nature makes it susceptible to ...
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Detecting Disinformation Cascades on Twitter (CUT)

Recent events have demonstrated that disinformation spread through social networks can have dire political, economic, and social consequences. Detecting disinformation must inevitably rely on the ...
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Analysis of YouTube’s Pseudoscientific Video Recommendations (CUT)

March 7, 2023 YouTube has revolutionized how people discover and ...
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