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The Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory (MedDMO)

MedDMO is a regional hub of the European Digital Media Observatory covering GreeceCyprus and Malta. Launched on December 1, 2022, the project, which runs up to May 2025, has received funding from the European Commission Digital Europe programme (2021-2027) for the creation of national hubs on digital media aimed at extending the reach of EDMO.

Apart from the geographic similarities, Greece, Cyprus and Malta, face quite similar challenges regarding disinformation campaigns that often try to polarize the EU debate, like immigration and borders control issues.

MedDMO is a consortium that provides new avenues for collaborative fact checking by focusing on emerging disinformation campaigns relevant specifically to the Mediterranean territory. It aims to be a crucial source of knowledge on local information environments.

It brings together research, fact-checking and media organizations that conduct internationally acknowledged research work and activities in the area of disinformation. MedDMO inserts itself in the media ecosystems of the three countries. It plans to set up a technological platform directly connected to the EDMO infrastructure and also to provide a daily operation of investigative research that feeds the central and other national hubs with valuable information on a daily basis.

The portal is the digital gate that hosts the fact-checking work conducted by journalists and researchers from the three countries. It also includes the detailed activities of the consortium regarding further promotion of media literacy and news verification methods.

Partners are expected to address issues journalistically and scientifically, such as immigrationclimate changehealthelections matters and technology – topics that often appear at the center of disinformation campaigns that have polarized the EU.