MedDMO kickoff meeting in Thessaloniki

The Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory (MedDMO), the regional hub of the European Digital Media Observatory covering Greece, Cyprus and Malta was launched on December 1st 2022 in Thessaloniki.

The two-year-and-a-half project brought together the participating partners involved in a two day kick off event. During the event, partners spoke about their area of specialization to the press representatives. More specifically:

CERTH analyzed the mission of the new consortium in the context of EDMO, the University of Cyprus described how media ecosystems work in southern Europe, AUTH presented content verification methods, AFP gave details about its fact checking operations, Ellinika Hoaxes presented the practice of countering disinformation in Greece, CUT shed light on how pseudoscience is tackled scientifically in Cyprus, while University of Malta and Times of Malta highlighted the challenge of finding and communicating facts in a country dominated by politically-owned media and ATC outlined the collaborative verification environment that it offers to the consortium.