MedDMO’s progress captivated journalism student audience at the University of Athens

The next generation of journalists took part in a critical discussion Tuesday 11/6 at the University of Athens around the role of investigative journalism and the battle against disinformation in Europe, with MedDMO being invited at one of the panels.

Moderated by Christos Gavalas of ATC, also member of MedDMO, the panel was consisted of experienced journalists such as the Managing Director of the Athens and Macedonian Press Agency, Aimilios Perdikaris, Niki Papazoglou from the and Ilias Anastasiadis from the Along with them, MedDMO coordinator, Nikos Sarris of CERTH and ATC presented the causes and the progress made so far in the consortium and explained the role of technology in tackling complex journalistic tasks.

The audience remained interested throughout the session and very active in the Q&A session that followed.