The Anti-Disinformation Centre ‘Fact Check Cyprus’ was created at the Social Computing Research Centre of CUT

The Social Computing Research Centre of CUT ( announces the creation of the Anti-Disinformation Centre Fact-Check Cyprus (

This is the first anti-disinformation group established in Cyprus to study and refute false claims. It is the culmination of a collaboration of individuals involved in the fight against misinformation in Cyprus and Greece.

The aim of the Centre is twofold: on the one hand to deconstruct false news and on the other hand to educate the public on issues of combating misinformation and media literacy.

The agreement was signed on 16 November 2023, by Dr. Marinos Koutsomichalis on behalf of CUT and Dr. Loukia Taxitari from the Fact-Check Cyprus team. Present were the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Michael Sirivianos and Thanos Sitistas, who has taken on the role of external consultant.

The signing of the agreement took place at the end of the event ‘Misinformation/Anti-misinformation and migration’ that was held at the Cyprus University of Technology. The event was organized by professors Dimitra Milioni and Lia Spyridou of the Department of Communication and Internet Studies.

During the event, speakers referred to the important work of the MedDMO project and the general framework of EDMO.