Presentation of MedDMO’s activities by AUTH at journalism conference in Rhodes

The role of the MedDMO in the European ecosystem that works to combat disinformation was highlighted by AUTH professor Andreas Veglis at a conference in Rhodes.

The conference on “The role of journalism in local development and environmental protection in the region” was organized on the weekend of 18-19/5 by the Association of Editors of Daily Newspapers of Epirus, Peloponnese and Islands, the Department of Journalism and Media of the AUTH and the Athenian and Macedonian News Agency.

The conference was addressed by, among others, the Metropolitan of Rhodes, Mr. Kyrillos, the government representative, Pavlos Marinakis and the Head of the Region of South Aegean Islands, G. Chatzimarkos.

Professor Mr. Veglis spoke more specifically about the role of MedDMO in the news industry and in the media literacy.