Paper on left-wing extremism on decentralized web acknowledges MedDMO

A paper that is to be published in early June titled ‘Exploring Left-Wing Extremism on the Decentralized Web: An Analysis of ‘ acknowledges MedDMO.

It is a study that investigates the presence of left-wing extremism on the instance of the decentralized social media platform Lemmy, from its launch in 2019 up to a month after the bans of the subreddits r/GenZedong and r/GenZhou.

According to its abstract, the research team conducts “a temporal analysis on’s user activity, with also measuring the degree of highly abusive or hateful content”.

Furthermore, it explores “the content of their posts using a transformer-based topic modeling approach. Our findings reveal a substantial increase in user activity and toxicity levels following the migration of these subreddits to ” while it also identifies “posts “that support authoritarian regimes, endorse the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and feature anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic content”.

Overall, the findings according to the abstract, “contribute to a more nuanced understanding of political extremism within decentralized social networks and emphasize the necessity of analyzing both ends of the political spectrum in research”.