MedDMO: Starting September, we begin to research similarities in disinformation in Greece, Malta and Cyprus

The research findings of common ground of misinformation in Greece, Cyprus and Malta enters its final stage, for the Mediterranean Observatory of Digital Media – under the auspices of the EU – whose operation began at the end of last year. This was revealed by its members who spoke about the evolution of the research at the Athens-Macedonian News Agency

“The online survey pilot is currently underway in the three countries. The main research will ‘run’ from September, with the aim of documenting the similarities in patterns of information and dissemination of false narratives in Greece, Cyprus and Malta, the characteristics of disinformation campaigns, which ones are more attractive to the public, and the profile of population groups, which are more vulnerable. In addition to the questions, the research will also include samples of fake news, both from international and national media, from the three countries, for which the participants will be asked to position themselves” pointed out, speaking to APE, post-doctoral researcher, Theodora Saridou .

Also, as post-doctoral researcher Anastasia Katsounidou explained, disinformation campaigns thrive during crises and it is not only the topic of the possible fake news that plays a role, but the timing.

There was even specific talk about the flooding phenomena due to climate change and about the shipwreck off Pylos with the tragic death toll of dozens of migrants.

From his side, professor of the Department of Journalism and Media of AUTH, Charalambos Dimoulas, emphasized the fact that visual evidence once verified the reliability of a news story, but now it guides disinformation around it.