Dr. N. Sarris on ERT3: The leap of AI is huge – Seeing is not believing any more

Technology development will steeply increase in such a way that people won’t be able to believe in their own eyes. That’s what Dr. Nikos Sarris, CERTH researcher and MedDMO coordinator said in his appearance on Greek national television (ERT3) and more specifically on “Day with Color” news show.

As he said, “technology and Artificial Intelligence has made a giant step in recent times and precisely for this reason the need for a coordinated effort by entities that are both journalistic and technological is more intense in order for us to be able to detect manipulations in images and video in real time”.

His statement came right after the anchor pointed out that already a news website (in Kuwait) had initiated a “virtual anchor” as a pilot program, created by artificial intelligence, who is expected to present a newscast.

Apparently as pointed out by Dr. Sarris, this is not an attempt to alter the facts, but it shows the potential of creating synthetic videos, unfortunately also for actions aimed at spreading disinformation.

“There are very easy ways to create synthetic images, synthetic videos that many times are not presented as synthetic, but as being real and we will soon not be able to believe in our eyes.”